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               VOTA W1AW/4


The SFCG has been asked to operate W1AW/4 in the 2023 Volunteers On The Air year-long ARRL event. We will organize a strong team of operators to run the W1AW/4 station for two weeks during 2023. Operating dates are February 1-7 and July 19-26. For all the details about this year-long event, visit

VOTA week one summery

What a fantastic first week of the W1AW/4 SC ARRL Volunteers On The Air Event! It went smooth as silk (due to our participants) and hopefully was enjoyed by all. For me, it was like coaching the USA basketball "dream team" in the Olympics - just sit back and watch the team do their thing! Collectively we made over 17.5K QSO's. Individually we had one team member who broke the 2K QSO barrier - congrats for leading the way K9RX with 2563 QSO's!  Five of us (K4QQG, N4UFP, W4GE, AA4V and K3DNE) were in the 1K+ QSO club and  AC4MC, K4CAE, KG9V, N4XL and NJ4Z all in the 500+ QSO club. All those big numbers sure are great but as members of the Swamp Fox Contest Group hear me drone on and on about, it's NOT all about the big scores - it IS about participation, and we had excellent participation which is what really added up the grand total to 17K+ QSO's!  I'd like to thank each and every one of our participants for the participation and support which helped make this a very successful event. 

In addition to thanking all of our participants, I'd like to send out a special Thank You to our ARRL Section Manager Marc N4UFP for asking SFCG to spearhead and coordinate the event and to the dozen from the Swamp Fox Contest Group (specifically; N4XL for N1MM and expert logging information and recruitment advice, WN4AFP for recruitment advice and website design and management and N4IQ and NJ4Z for recruitment assistance). They volunteered their time, energy and talents to not only operate but to help plan, coordinate, advertise and implement the event. I said early on - "this will take a village" and everyone really came through. I'd like to especially recognize Scott KG9V. Scott was responsible for all the Google spreadsheets and forms used during the recruitment and planning process, the awesome schedule and summary page, member contact list, Facebook page, K2L recruitment information, advice gained and shared from his 13 Colonies experience and so much more that went on behind the scenes (and 721 QSO's of course). Thanks Scott!

We’ll be in touch in May or June to plan our July activation week which begins on July 19’th. Until then, see you in the pileups!