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Welcome to the Swamp Fox Contest Club Resource Pages! Here you will find information on a variety of subjects relating to contesting, circuits, and improving your operating skills. Important note: These pages are currently under construction so please bear with us and check back often for new material!


Educational Classes

Interested in learning about contesting? The SFCG hosts two classes, a beginner contest and an intermediate class.  The intermediate class will include concepts and practices going beyond the Field Day type operating most are familiar with and targeting those people already knowing the basics and wanting to improve their contest scores. The skills can be used for Field Day, but will be focused on participating in other contests happening throughout the year


If you do not have PowerPoint, click here to download a free viewer.

Logging programs for contests

Towers, Antennas, & Feed Lines

Information on antennas & feedlines

Tower & Rotor information

Improving your contesting skills

Information and tips about operating in a contest

Setting up and operating SO2R

Tips for operating specific contests large and small

Information on propagation and greyline


Information and helps for your station accessories

Information and helps with rigs & amplifiers

Things we love & hate about our ham shacks

Digital Modes

Tips and helps on operating RTTY

Learning tools for Digital modes

All things related to VHF & above


Miscellaneous subjects and files

Links related to contesting, other resources, organizations, & personal websites

Ham humor at its finest!

Information on this page is for informational and educational purposes only. All articles, websites, presentations and documents are used with the  express permission of the author or club webmaster. The SFCG would like to express its appreciation to each contributor for the use of their material.