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Tools for Weak Signal Propagation Using Your Station/ Antenna Testing

WSPR - An Introduction for Beginners | WSJT-X Ham Radio


 Digimode Automatic Propagation Reporter provides links for spots you generate       using WSJT-X


   Another tool that provides links for spots you generate using WSJT-X



This is the client that most people use for decoding FT8. It includes integration with PSK reporter. To enable reporting, you need to enter the following information into the settings or preferences panel.

1. On the general tab, you should enter your callsign and your locator. Enter at least a six character locator as it marks your location on the map with more accuracy.

2. On the frequencies tab, you should specify your antenna (on a per-band basis).


3. On the reporting tab, just check the checkbox to enable PSK Reporter Spotting. 



Alan N5PA's Propagation Page

This page contains a dynamic collection of propagation information gathered from many different sources. This data is extremely useful for ham radio operators and shortwave listeners to help determine whether or not long distance radio communications are possible.

All your solar &aurora needs in one place by Kevin, VE3EN

News & Information about the Sun-Earth environment

A live reference resource site for solar and geomagnetic data and images
Solar Activity & HF Propagation(With a "Flare" of Solar Physics) by Paul Harden, NA5N
Space Weather forecasts by credentialed Space Meteorologist Tamatha Skov. Stay on top of GPS (GNSS) & amateur radio issues. Know where & when to see aurora during solar storms plus more!

N5PA's VHF/UHF Weak Signal Page. This page has lots of useful info and VHF/UHF Propagation maps to help tell when the VHF bands are open and to where.


Solar Flares (Radio Blackouts) - NOAA

Explanation of Geomagnetic storms and the conditions that cause them- NOAA

The F10.7 Index has proven very valuable in specifying and forecasting space weather. Because it is a long record, it provides climatology of solar activity over six solar cycles-NOAA


HF propagation tool for amateur radeo by Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA

HFTA- Generating Terrain Profiles and Tutorial by Stuart, K6TU

Solar Data/Propagation tool for Windows 10 by  F4HUY based on N0NBH Solar Banners