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All your solar &aurora needs in one place by Kevin, VE3EN

News & Information about the Sun-Earth environment

A live reference resource site for solar and geomagnetic data and images
Solar Activity & HF Propagation(With a "Flare" of Solar Physics) by Paul Harden, NA5N
Space Weather forecasts by credentialed Space Meteorologist Tamatha Skov. Stay on top of GPS (GNSS) & amateur radio issues. Know where & when to see aurora during solar storms plus more!

VHF Propagation map to help tell when the VHF bands are open and to where.


Solar Flares (Radio Blackouts) - NOAA

Explanation of Geomagnetic storms and the conditions that cause them- NOAA

The F10.7 Index has proven very valuable in specifying and forecasting space weather. Because it is a long record, it provides climatology of solar activity over six solar cycles-NOAA


HF propagation tool for amateur radeo by Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA

HFTA- Generating Terrain Profiles and Tutorial by Stuart, K6TU