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Presidential Challenge


From our President Ed K3DNE:

Winners of the 2021 SFCG Internal ARRL SS Presidential Challenge!

Al NE4EA won the CW plaque with 127 QSO’s and Scott KG9V won the SSB plaque with 255 QSO’s! Congratulations and thanks for the club contributions, Al and Scott. The Presidential Challenge was an effort to increase SFCG presence and participation in both legs of the ARRL Sweepstakes. Designed for club members who had submitted 3 or fewer scores to the Swamp Foxes on the Air Competition (SFOTA) so far this year. 

The spirit and intent was for members who have submitted less than or equal to 3 SFOTA scores in 2021 to make 50 or more QSO's in either portion of the November ARRL SS - 50 or more on CW and/or 50 or more on SSB which will benefit our club competition score. The winners AL NE4EA (CW) and Scott KG9V (SSB) will be awarded a plaque (similar in style to the present SFOTA plaque) based on most QSO's in each portion. 

This was NOT part of the SFOTA Competition (those rules remained unchanged) but a separate award program that will not utilize club funds. We had 19 members with zero to three SFOTA submissions in 2021 and this challenge was designed to motivate some who have either not contested recently or some of the new members who haven't submitted a SFOTA score yet.

I am soliciting feedback from the membership to determine if this concept should be continued in future Sweepstakes and be bundled in with SFOTA awards. Possibly one award for CW, one for SSB and one combined CW + SSB. Any input will be appreciated.



President, SFCG


Presidential Challenge Rules:


Objective: To promote SFCG activity and participation in the 2021 ARRL November Sweepstakes and to benefit SFCG's Club Competition Score.


Eligibility: Any SFCG member  who has submitted 3 or fewer scores to SFOTA in 2021 as of Friday November 3'rd for CW and Friday November 19'th for SSB  and completes 50 or more QSO's in either portion of the contest (50 or more on CW and/or 50 or more on SSB)  and submits their log to the contest sponsor indicating Swamp Fox Contest Group as the Club prior to the log deadline.


Scoring: (1) Most QSO's in the CW portion of the contest and  (2) Most QSO's in the SSB portion of the contest (minimum of 50 QSO's in each). Winners will be determined by QSO numbers entered in SFOTA .


Log Deadlines: The participating member  must submit their log (specifying club affiliation to Swamp Fox Contest Group) to the ARRL within 7 days after the contest is over (  and enter the number of QSO's to SFOTA no later than 10 days following the end of the contest to be eligible for an award. Submitting to 3830 is recommended but not required.


Awards: A Presidential Challenge Plaque (similar to a SFOTA award plaque with appropriate wording for the Presidential Challenge) sponsored by the SFCG president (not using SFCG funds) awarded to the member(s) with the  most QSO's (minimum of 50 QSO's) in each portion of Sweepstakes who have submitted 3 or less scores in 2021 to SFOTA per the Eligibility section above. One plaque for the 2021 ARRL November SS CW and one plaque for the 2021 ARRL November SS SSB.