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Finding & Removing Hidden COM ports for Non-connected Devices in Windows XP (this procedure also works for Windows 7 & 10)

Contest University PowerPoint Presentation by K5ZD

Competitive Contesting Starts With A Question by Kevan N4XL

FCC Ground Conductivity Maps By James K9YC

Capacitor types, characteristics, and applications by Alan W2AEW

Power Supply Decoupling & Filtering: why we use multiple caps in different locations by Alan W2AEW


K2TR on Coax Stubs - via K1TTT Technical Reference



Contest Calendars

This site provides detailed information about amateur radio contests throughout the world, including their scheduled dates/times, rules summaries, log submission information and links to the official rules as published by the contest sponsors.
This website is devoted entirely to Amateur Radio HF Contesting on 1.8 - 50 MHz by Jan, SM3CER
ARRL contests for the next 12 months. A generic ARRL contest calendar is also provided that gives the weekends for all our events, to assist with long-term planning of your contest operations. The Contest Corral files include non-ARRL events.