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South Carolina QSO Party:

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Local Clubs:

York County Amateur Radio Society

Dutch Fork Amateur Radio Group

Columbia Amateur Radio Club

Columbia Amateur Radio Club Facebook Page

Florence Amateur Radio Club

Charleston Amateur Radio Society

Charleston Amateur Radio Society Facebook Page

Trident Amateur Radio Club

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Greenwood Amateur Radio Society

Ridge Amateur Radio Club

Contest Clubs:

South East Contest Club

Carolina DX Association W4DXA

The Society of Midwest Contesters

Yankee Clipper Contest Club

Frankford Radio Club-(FRC)

Potomac Valley Radio Club

CW Practice:

CWops  Weekly on the air mini tests  and a world-wide CW contest called the CW Open to help you improve your code efficiency and have a great time doing it as well! CW ops also offers membership and a CW academy to help you improve your skills. 

Learn CW Online (LCWO)   At LCWO you can learn Morse telegraphy (CW) online in your browser. You don't need to install a program on your computer, and you always have your personal settings available, from any computer on the globe with an internet connection. You can also easily track your progress by means of different statistical functions.

All About the Telegraph & Morse Code Text This site was recommended to our club by Matt Kelly who is an Assistant Scout Master of his son Blakes Boy Scout troop. At the time of this writing, Blake is working on getting his Signs, Signals, & Codes Merit Badge. The site offers up a good historical reference on the emergence of the Telegraph, Morse Code, Samuel Morse, Multiplex Telegraph, Teleprinters, and other advancements over the years. 


Boy Scouts of America Scouts BSA is the traditional Scouting experience where boys and girls can have their share of adventure in the great outdoors. Develop a love of service by volunteering in your community, boost your leadership shills through fun and exciting challenges, and create memories of a lifetime with no prior Scouting experience required!

J.O.T.A. (Jamboree-On-The-Air) Jamboree-On-The-Air, or JOTA is the largest scouting event in the world. It is held annually on the third full weekend of October. JOTA uses amateur radio to link scouts and hams around the world, around the nation, and in your own community. This Jamboree requires no travel, just a trip to a nearby amateur radio operators ham shack. Many times you can find that the hams will come to you and set up a station at your scout camporee, at the park down the block, or perhaps a ham shack already set up at your councils camp.

Signs, Signals, and Codes Merit Badge Here scouts will find the requirements and rules about earning your Signs, Signals, and Codes Merit Badge.

Member sites:

SFCG reflector Please Note: You must be a SFCG member to access this reflector

SFCG Facebook page

NJ4F Dave's Webpage  Have QSL's that you would like to be checked for an award? Dave has recently been appointed as an Official ARRL SC QSL card checker.

KS4YX Gil's BlogSpot

W4STR Russ's BlogSpot

WB5NHL Dave's website

WB5NHL Dave's pages on  Antennas in an Antenna Restricted Community

K4AMA Tony's website

Informational sites:

3830 Scores

Arizona Outlaws Resources Page


ARRL South Carolina Section

ARRL Contest Calendar

Average PEP power foldback video   Peak power meter and SWR caused transmitter power reduction. The first part of video shows two power meters indicating average power output from an HF transmitter. Then one meter is switched to indicate peak power. The second part demonstrates the same transmitter at 50 watts with a low SWR. A tuner is adjusted to cause an increase in SWR which can be seen on the crossed needle power meter. As the SWR approaches and exceeds 2:1 the transmitter senses the higher SWR and begins to reduce output power to protect the amplifier circuitry.

Contesting Online

Contest University 

D.A.R.C WAE: Demistifying the QTC  Here is a video from the N1MM+ help files explaining how to send and receive QTC's in the WEA contests. QTC's can be exchanged with stations on other continents for extra QSO points in all three WEA contests, CW, SSB, & RTTY.

EI8IC website- Contesting operating tips

EI8IC website- How to be competitive

EI8IC website- How to search & pounce

EI8IC website- Low profile contesting

Getting started on RTTY  A tutorial on how to get started  operating RTTY using MMTTY as the primary program to begin your RTTY operations By Don AA5AU

Hepburn Forcast

Live contest Score Server

National Contest Journal

The DX Zone 

The Sprint Survival Webpage   This page was put together by some of the sprint veterans as an introduction to this very unique contest.  The information here will make it easy for you to enjoy your initial sprint experience at whatever operating level you are comfortable with.   We will also provide tips which will result in improving your score over time.  

WRTC  World Radio Team Championship



Hamcap  HF propagation tool for amateur radio


N1MM Logger Website

N1MM+ Reflector


MMTTY EXTFSK file   Used for FSK keying with USB to serial port converters  Note: file is located at the bottom of the page.


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