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WW4SF Rules for use of the club call by members:

Club Call sign use, per ARRL interpretation of the FCC rules follows:

The call sign Trustee may authorize use of the Club call sign. Therefore I, Dave Fuseler – NJ4F, as license trustee, authorize use for operation only for events cleared by the license trustee or the designated control operators, including emergencies as documented below.

-ID per FCC rules part 97.119, ID at least every 10 minutes per communication.

-Only authorized personnel may use the call sign as long as they identify themselves using their call sign only at the beginning of the first use of the station and end of the last transmission using the club call sign.

Example: When opening and closing a net:

This is/has been Dave, NJ4F for WW4SF.

-It is an accepted norm to use the same call sign more than once at the same time on the same band using different modes. Although it isn't against FCC rules, etiquette and good operating practice says not to use the same call sign on the same band and mode at the same time.

Offsite events: Use WW4SF and only the privileges assigned to your own call sign. There are no restrictions and no rules concerning the location when using a club call sign. The club call however must be used for some kind of club activity.  We can use the club call at various locations at the same time and on different bands, but you must identify with your own home call at least once an hour...  (verified with ARRL)

*When using the club call, be sure to include the operator's name and call in the log. If you have multiple operators running the station, please remember to change the operator's name and call when you switch operators so that it will be included in the log. 

**PLEASE NOTE:  When using the club call, please remember that any infractions are directed to the trustee, NJ4F from the FCC.


Each operator authorized by the Trustee or authorized Control operator may use the call WW4SF, OR their own call sign, when operating SFCG events.

When authorized, you will be the defacto control operator of station WW4SF when using either call.

As the control operator you may use the privileges assigned to your callsign and still use WW4SF as the call sign.


IF a higher privilege license is present, if authorized, they may assume control operator responsibilities and this would elevate privileges to the station when using the club stations call, WW4SF.

Example: You are a tech, BUT an extra is present and accepts control operator duties of station WW4SF. The tech now may operate under the station/control operator’s privileges. This ceases when the extra/higher class license leaves the control room or elects to cease control operator duties.

Information for new and all members: 

Here are some helpful tips from Dave, NJ4F:

To all members

We do all of our ragchewing and corresponding with each other and the group as a whole thru a restricted reflector. It is a closed group, and you can only join by invitation or approval.  Of course, you will be approved now.  If I fail to send you an invite shortly, please go there and request to join. This is our “official” method of information dissemination for the time being.  And yes, I had to look that word up, hihi. 

We also encourage all members to post scores on the 3830scores website.  Real easy, you just go there and post! 

We are also listed on Clublog as a club.  To join, Go to Clublog, Settings, Clubs.  Also, please let Frank KG4IGC know of any contests you participate in, we like to put that info on the website.

Another resource is having your score posted in real time on the web.  If you use N1MM+ for your logging, go to CQCONTEST.NET it works with N1MM+.  Go to the website, register, and go to N1MM+ and 2 clicks and you’re set.  For more info, contact me.  Not that any of us would admit it, but it keeps us from not telling the others what our REAL score is.

We are acquiring a very diverse group of contesters.  The club was organized as a contest club, consequently we don’t delve into matters not related to contesting.  There are other fine general purpose clubs around.  We have members whose primary interest is HF contesting, some RTTY, some SSB, and others a mixture of everything.  Some of us like to run, a few of us, like myself, are avid S&Per’s.  A few are really into state QPs.  Most of us like to get into the ARRL and CQ contests where each individual’s score is part of an aggregate club score.

Regardless your level of contesting, the purpose of the club is to help any member the best we can.

We have a club call, WW4SF.  Three guesses as to what the “SF” stands for, the first two don’t count, hihi.  Any member is authorized to use the call in a contest, first ask, first get.  Please refer to the pinned post at the top of this page for use of the club call.

Presently, we have one official meeting a year, quarterly, starting in January.  We have been meeting at a Lizard's Thicket in Lexington (4616 Augusta Road, Lexington, SC), as it is about the most central place for all members to meet.

Let Frank (KG4IGC), our webmaster, know if it is OK to put your email address by your name in the roster on the website.  He also puts a link to your 3830 page and please send him a pix of your station or yourself for the website.

Please remember one last item: membership is based on contest activity and communication in club activities. 

Please read the Constitution and Bylaws, we strive to operate by those standards. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We will be more than happy to help you in any way we can.

Dave NJ4F

Dues & Club funding 

Need to pay your dues or would like to donate funds to the club? Dues may be paid by cash or check mailed to our Treasurer Phil NI7R or you may pay by PayPal. Dues are $10.00 a year; these funds help pay for this website and other club expenses.

PLEASE NOTE:  To send dues via PayPal (via your PayPal account), send to: and select friends and family option, not the business services mode. 

1. Individual Member: $10 

2. Family Membership (Must reside with primary member): $10

3. Student Membership 

(any student from elementary through and including undergraduate in college): No dues requirement

To pay by mail: 

Make check payable to: Swamp Fox Contest Group 



Via: Phil NI7R

4065 Egret Perch Crt.
Ravenel, SC 29470


Minutes from our meetings:


Swamp Fox Contest Group Annual Meeting 

Zoom Virtual Meeting

January 25th, 2022; 7:00 p.m.

Executive Committee Members attending:

Ed Kucharski, K3DNE President

Dave Edmonds, WN4AFP Vice President

Phil Brown, NI7R Treasurer

Ed Overcash, WB4HRL Secretary

Members in Attendance:

John Schroeder, K4QQG     Bob Boroughs, AC4MC 

Kevan Nason, N4XL             Matt Kromm, NU4E 

Scott Brown, N2OG              Scott Putnam KG9V  

Jim Matson, KN4OQD          Dave Kjellquist, WB5NHL

Dave Fuseler, NJ4F              Brian Smithson, N8WRL

Scott Putnam, KG9V             Michael Burton, KY4ID

Gil Huggins KS4YX               Ted McDonald, K7OM

Tom Nail, WA2BCK               John Wulf, K4FT

1. President Ed Kucharski, K3DNE, welcomed everyone to the meeting and took roll at 7:08 PM.

2. Secretary Ed Overcash, WB4HRL, announced that the minutes have been posted on the Swamp Fox Contest Group (SFCG) website for many months and asked if anyone had any proposed changes to the minutes. There were none. Upon motion duly made, and seconded, the minutes of last year’s annual meeting were unanimously approved by the club.

3. President Ed announced that three of the present club officers had agreed to continue as such for the upcoming year. Ed Overcash, WB4HRL, was stepping down and Kevan Nason, N4XL, was nominated to take his position. There were no other nominations. Upon motion duly made, and seconded, the President, Vice President, and Treasurer were duly elected to continue in their positions and serve in the following capacities for the next year and Kevan Nason was elected as Secretary. The Swamp Fox Contest Group slate of officers for 2022 is as follows:

President: Ed, K3DNE

Vice President: Dave, WN4AFP 

Treasurer: Phil, NI7R 

Secretary: Ed, WB4HRL

4. Treasurer Phil Brown, NI7R, reviewed the club’s finances. He reported that the club has funds totaling $803.22. He stated the club had raised $422.98 through Dues and Donations. A motion was made to continue the sponsorship of the CQ WPX Plaque in memory of Tom Francis, W1TEF ($55) and the ARRL DX SOLP Unlimited Phone Plaque ($80). Upon motion duly made, and seconded the group voted unanimously to do so. He also reminded the club that our annual $10.00 dues are now due. He mentioned when using a credit card

through PayPal a fee is charged resulting in less than $10 being contributed to the SFCG. He also requested when making payments an effort be made by individuals to clearly identify themselves.

Dave Kjellquist, WB5NHL, questioned if the club had resolved family membership dues. President Ed, stated yes, a family membership would be $10 and included related family members. President Ed also raised having a student membership option. After discussion the membership agreed student membership should be free for students through elementary school through their first college degree. Students pursing advanced college degrees should pay regular membership dues. Upon motion duly made, and seconded the group voted unanimously to do so.

5. President Ed presented a listing of new SFCG members from 2021 and welcomed the following contesters to our group:

• K4RM Fred Piedmont, SC / Nancy Mountain, NC

• N8WRL Brian Clover, SC

• KY4ID Burton Trenton, SC

• W4NWS Doug Sumter SC

• K4RLC Bob North Myrtle Beach, SC

• N8PPZ Greg Aiken, SC

• K4FT John Yemassee, SC

• KN4OQD Jim Aiken, SC

• KN4IVD Annie Aiken, SC

6. President Ed acknowledged and thanked the officers and individual members of the club for their work and support of the club. Particular recognition was given for the several club members. Founding SFCG members, Dave, NJ4F, Frank, KG4IGC, Ted, K7OM, and Mark, KM4RK. The web site is maintained by Frank, KG4IGC, and Tony, K4AMA. Club call (WW4SF) Trustee Dave, NJ4F. QSL manager Gary, AF7T. Outgoing newsletter Editor Kevan, N4XL and incoming Editor, Scott Brown, N2OG. SFOTA Leader Board Manager Tony, K4AMA. And past club officer and frequent club competition and team coordinator for RTTY and CW events Bill, N4IQ.

7. President Ed presented data showing club improvement in several team and combined score contests. He is pleased with the growth shown and SFCG commitment to improvement.

8. Vice President Dave Edmonds, WN4AFP, presented the following 2021 SFOTA awards to club members:

Most CW Contacts

First Place: N4IQ, 14,411 Contacts

Second Place: WB4HRL 9,229 Contacts

Third Place: WN4AFP 7,140 Contacts

Most Phone Contacts

First Place: K3DNE 7,595 Contacts

Second Place: K4QQG 5,171 Contacts

Third Place: AC4MC 2,521 Contacts

Most Digital Contacts

First Place: N4IQ 618 Contacts

Second Place: WB4HRL 231 Contacts

Third Place: K3DNE 227 Contacts

Most RTTY Contacts

First Place: N4IQ 4,998 Contacts

Second Place: K7OM 3,360 Contacts

Third Place: KG4IGC: 2,366 Contacts

Overall Most Active

First Place: N4IQ 21,227 Contacts

Second Place: WB4HRL 12,403 Contacts

Third Place: K3DNE 11,196 Contacts

Most Contests

WB4HRL 163 Contests

Most Improved


2021 21,227 Contacts

2020 14,675 Contacts

Presidential Challenge

NE4EA Top Score 127 Contacts 2021 ARRL SS CW Contest

KG9V Top Score 255 Contacts 2021 ARRL SS SSB Contest

9. Dave, WN4AFP, proposed a new award for 2022 SOFTA. The SOFTA Fast-Start Award to replace the Most Improved award. It would be open to any club member who submitted their first contest log in the current SFOTA calendar year or in the previous three SFOTA calendar years. The SFOTA calendar year runs from December 22 to December 21. For purposes of this award, we will refer to individuals with this level of experience as a “Rookie” contester. The Rookie who makes the most contacts during the SFOTA calendar year will receive this award. The Fast-Start Award winner would only be allowed to receive this award one time. The intent is the award would be more advantageous to reward Rookie contesters’ contributions as opposed to reward potentially well-established experienced contesters, many of whom will qualify for other SFOTA awards. Upon motion duly made, and seconded the group voted unanimously to do so.

10. Dave, WN4AFP, reviewed the history and mechanics of the State QSO Party Competition. This event was initiated by Dave in November of 2019. Dave showed a video by K8ZT on the program.

11. President Ed talked briefly about the 13 Colonies event for Doug, N4NWS, who could not attend. He stated the SFCG supports the event and mentioned several members who participated in 2021, including Frank, KG4IGC, who led the way as top SSB LP operator for all 13 Colonies with 3516 contacts.

12. Dave, WN4AFP, discussed the upcoming SCQP.

13. Tom Nail, WA2BCK, gave a fine presentation on Remote Contesting which concentrated on how he remotely operates superstation W2FU from his home in South Carolina using a K3S transceiver. Matt Kromm, NU4E, contributed further information on how he operates his home station in Germany from upstate South Carolina.

14. The meeting was adjourned at 9:14 PM.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted By Kevan Nason N4XL, Secretary


Swamp Fox Contest Group

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance (as of January 21, 2021)

Bank of the Lowcountry $754.99

Paypal $ 38.23

Cash $ 10.00

TOTAL $803.22

Dues and Donations Received $422.98


  • World Wide Radio Operators Foundation, Inc.

“Overlay Category Tribander/Single Element USA SSB

Tom Francis, W1TEF Memorial by Swamp Fox Contest Group” Reimburse K3DNE Apr. 22, 2021 $55.00

  • Reimburse WN4AFP for 2020 SFOTA awards $139.77

  • Reimburse K3DNE for website Jun 4,2021 $83.88

  • ARRL DX SOLP Unlimited Phone Plaque Aug. 25 $80

Ending Balance (as of January 24, 2022 at 3 PM)

Bank of the Lowcountry $849.11

PayPal $ 18.44

Cash on hand $ 0

TOTAL $867.55

Report respectfully submitted by Phil Brown NI7R

SFCG Treasurer


Swamp Fox Contest Group Annual Meeting

Zoom Virtual Annual Meeting

January 21, 2021; 7:30 p.m.

Executive Committee Members attending: 

Ed Kucharski, K3DNE President

Dave Edmonds, WN4AFP Vice President

Phil Brown,NI7R Treasurer

Ed Overcash, WB4HRL Secretary 

Members in Attendance: 

Bill Chartier, N4IQ

Frank Baranek, KG4IGC

Bob Boroughs AC4MC

Hans Helland,WU0B

Kevan Nason, N4XL

Matt Kromm, NU4E

Scott Brown,N2OG

Jim Porterfield, K9JDP

Scott Putnam, KG9V

1. President Ed Kucharski welcomed everyone to the meeting and took roll.

2. President Ed K3DNE announced that he had previously forwarded the minutes of last year’s meeting to all members. Secretary Ed  WB4HRL asked if anyone had any proposed changes to the minutes. There were none. Upon motion duly made, and seconded, the minutes of last year’s annual meeting were approved by the club.

3. President Ed K3DNE announced that all of the present club officers had agreed to continue as such for the upcoming year. There were no other nominations. Upon motion duly made, and seconded, the current officers of the club were duly elected to serve in the following capacities for the next year:

President: Ed Kucharski, K3DNE

Vice President: Dave Edmonds, WN4AFP

Treasurer: Phil  Brown, NI7R

Secretary: Ed Overcash, WB4HRL

4. Treasurer Phil NI7R reviewed the club’s finances. He reported that the club has funds totaling $803.22. He stated that the only expense we had for the year was the sponsorship of the CQ WPX Plaque in memory of Tom Francis, W1TEF ($55). He also reminded the club that our annual $10.00 dues are now due.

 Vice President Dave WN4AFP stated that he will be submitting a bill for the SFOTA plaques and Frank KG4IGC, stated that he will be submitting a bill for the web site expenses. Upon motion duly made, and seconded, the treasurer’s report was duly accepted. A copy of the Treasurer’s Report is attached hereto.

5. President Ed K3DNE asked if there was any new business to be brought before the club. Vice President Dave WN4AFP proposed a donation to the SC QSO party to cover plaque expenses. Upon motion duly made, and seconded, the club voted to donate $50.00 towards that expense. Vice President Dave WN4AFP and Treasurer Phil NI7R will facilitate the payment of this expense.

6. President Ed K3DNE reported that the club presently has 28 members and that we had five new members join our club in 2020. He reminded us that the best way for our club to acquire new members is through personal contact with current members. We were reminded that all members of the club must be residents of South Carolina. The new club members are as follows: 

Scott Brown, N2OG

John Schroeder, K4QQG 

Tom Nail, WA2BCK

Jim Porterfield, K9JDP 

Scott Putnam, KG9V

A discussion followed concerning new member recruitment.

7. President Ed K3DNE acknowledged and thanked the officers and individual members of the club for their work and support of the club. Particular recognition was given for the club’s website, maintained by Frank,KG4IGC, and Tony K4AMA, and for the club’s newsletter, published by Kevin N4XL. During the discussion that followed, it was determined that in light of robust club member activity on the club’s reflector page on, the club would not maintain a platform on any other social media sites.

8. Vice President Dave WN4AFP presented the following 2020 SFOTA awards to club members:

Most CW Contacts

First Place: WB4HRL 9,449 Contacts

Second Place: WN4AFP 6,996 Contacts

Third Place: N4IQ 5,703 Contacts

Most Phone Contacts

First Place: K3DNE 11,072 Contacts

Second Place: AC4MC 2,787 Contacts

Third Place: N4XL 2,529 Contacts

Most Digital Contacts

First Place: N4IQ 442 Contacts

Second Place: NU4E 365 Contacts

Third Place: K3DNE 343 Contacts

Most RTTY Contacts

First Place: N4IQ 3,985 Contacts

Second Place: WB4HRL 3,048 Contacts

Third Place: K7OM 2,366 Contacts

Overall Most Active

First Place: WB4HRL 14,675 Contacts

Second Place: K3DNE 12,536 Contacts

Third Place:  N4IQ 12,198 Contacts

Most Contacts

WB4HRL 213 Contests

Most Improved


2020 14,675 Contacts

2019 5,920 Contacts

9. President Ed K3DNE gave a PowerPoint presentation on club competition events in 2020. The data showed an overall improvement in participants, scores, and rankings.

10. Hans, WU0B, reviewed our participation in the 13 Colonies Event last year. Our QSO numbers increased and we were ranked 5th in the country. Increased participation is expected in this year’s event.

11. Dave, WN4AFP, reviewed the results of the 2020, SC QSO Party. There was an increase in participation last year, with a total of 335 logs being submitted in 2020, compared to approximately 240 logs being submitted the previous year. Despite the problems presented by the pandemic, the competition was a very successful event.

12. Dave, WN4AFP, reviewed the history and mechanics of the State QSO Party Competition. This event was initiated by Dave in November of 2019, and 2020 was its first year as a competition. This new contest generated a tremendous increase in state QSO party events and was an overwhelming success.

13. Bill, N4IQ reviewed the SFCG sponsored operations of K4RM in the CQ World Wide DX Contest at Nancy Mountain, NC, on October 24-26, 2020. Four of our club’s members participated in this Multi (6) – Single Entry operation: Bill, N4IQ; Dave, WN4AFP; Matt, NU4E; and Jim, K9JDP. Fred Pinson, K4RM and Bob Cieszenski, ND7J of the SCDXA completed the six-member team. The cabin used by the team is owned by Fred, K4RM. The team scored 6th place in its multi-single entry category. The pictures shown in the presentation revealed a very attractive and accommodating mountain retreat for ham operations.

14. Keven, N4XL, gave a technical presentation on Sherwood Test Data for receivers. This included an explanation of Intermodulation Distribution Third Order Dynamic Range (IM3DR), Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range (RMDR), and Noise Power Ratio (NPR).

15. President Ed K3DNE gave everyone in attendance the opportunity to give a brief review of what’s going on at their radio stations. This invoked many discussions involving a variety of topics which was enjoyed by all.

16. Adjourn.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted By Ed WB4HRL, Secretary


Swamp Fox Contest Group

Treasurer's Report 2020

Beginning Balance (as of January 22, 2020)

Bank of the Lowcountry   $158.14

Paypal                               $422.37

Cash                                      $5.00


World Wide Radio Operators Foundation, Inc

"Overlay Category Tribander/Single Element USA SSB

Tom Francis, W1TEF Memorial By Swamp Fox Contest Group"  $55.00

Ending Balance (as of January 21, 2021)

Bank of the Lowcountry        $754.99

Paypal                                      $38.23

Cash on hand                           $10.00


                               Treasurer's Report Respectfully Submitted by Phil NI7R, Treasurer          


Swamp Fox contest Group Annual Meeting

Lexington Lizard’s Thicket

January 25, 2020; 2:00 p.m.

Executive Committee Members attending:

Frank Baranek, KG4IGC

Dave Edmonds, WN4AFP

Ed Overcash, WB4HRL

Members in Attendance:

Ted McDonald, K7OM

Bill Chartier, N4IQ

Kevan Nason, N4XL

Ed Kucharski, K3DNE

Hans Helland, WU0B 

John Miller, W4IG 

Mark Tarplee, N4UFP 

Dave Fuseler, NJ4F

Guests in Attendance: 

Sarah Baranek, KG4NKG  

Marie McDonald

Dee Fuseler, KJ4RGN

1. President Frank thanked the club officers for their support and commitment to our club. He also thanked everyone who provided support and help last summer when his shack was damaged by lightening. He also thanked his wife, Sarah, for her support and help.

2. President Frank announced that 2019 brought us 6 new members: Phil, AC4Q; Mark, N4UFP; Charlie, KD4CB; Elaine, N4EHT; Matt, NU4E; and Ed, K3DNE. We currently have 28 members on the roster.

3. President Frank announced that Kevin, N4XL, was the new editor for the club newsletter. Kevin discussed the contents of the newsletter with the club.

4. President Frank announced that in the past year, our club attended the ham fests at Greenwood, Myrtle Beach, and Charleston. He also announced that we participated in 102 contests overall with the following breakdown:

9 sprints/CWops 38 QP’s 4 Digital

11 CW 4 VHF/UHF 16 SSB


5. President Frank announced that he would be resigning as club president effective today due to family related medical issues. There were no nominations for a new president. The following officers were duly elect by the club.

Vice President: Dave, WN4AFP

Treasurer: Phil, NI7R

Secretary: Ed, WB4HRL

Upon motion duly made, seconded, and approved by the club, these officers were given authority to select a new club president without further approval of the club membership. The Vice President will serve as interim president until a new president is selected.

6. President Frank discussed the following topics with the club:

• Increase in mentorship

• Sponsorships for SCQP and 13 Colonies contests

• Upcoming contests and events

• Increase in multi-op and team operations

• Use of the club call; WW4SF

• Dues and website expenses

7. The minutes of the club’s last meeting and the treasurer’s report were distributed and were duly approved by the club. The treasurer’s report is attached hereto.

8. Vice President Dave discussed SFOTA and its rules with the club. He then announced and presented the following 2019 awards to club members:


First Place N4IQ

Second Place   K7OM

Third Place WB4HRL

Most CW QSOs

First Place N4IQ

Second Place WN4AFP

Third Place NI7R

Most Phone QSOs

First Place WB4HRL

Second Place WU0B

Third Place KG4IGC


First Place N4IQ

Second Place K7OM

Third Place KG4IGC

Most Digital QSOs

First Place N4IQ

Second Place N4VZ

Third Place WB4HRL

Most Improved 


9. Vice President Dave discussed the new State QSO Party competition with the club.

10. Kevin, N4XL gave a very informative program about Vertical Antennas.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted:


Secretary SFCG

Swamp Fox Contest Group

Minutes of Meeting, January 26, 2019

Executive Committee Members attending:

Frank Baranek KG4IGC

Dave Edmonds WN4AFP

Hans Helland WU0B

Bill Chartier N4IQ

Members Attending

Ron Novak N4VZ (+XYL)

Ed Overcash WB4HRL

Al Miller NE4EA

Phil Brown NI7R

Bob Boroughs KG6MC

Phil Chartier AC4Q

Marc Tarplee N4UFP


Dan Cunningham K9DBC

Marc Tarplee N4UFP

1. The meeting was held at the Lexington Lizard’s Thicket restaurant and was call to order by President Frank KG4IGC. Frank welcomed all present including the current SFCG officers: VP Dave WN4AFP, Secretary Bill N4IQ and Treasurer Dave NJ4F (not present). Also recognized were Dan Cunningham K9DBC (President of Columbia ARC) and Mark Tarplee N4UFP (SC Section Manager).

2. Frank KG4IGC reported that we had six new members join during 2018: John N8EK of Jenkinsville; David AKIC of Landrum; Randy N4SXX of Gaston; Pete AJ3R of Taylors; Gary W0GX of North Augusta and Kevin K4KWB of Ladson. Frank suggested the following ways to increase our membership even more:

a. Involvement with local clubs
b. Presentations
c. Identify local contesters
d. Encourage your contesting buddies to join
e. Distribute flyers at hamfests
f. Direct potential members to our website
g. Increased recognition through sponsorship of contest plaques and awards.

3. 2019 Dues cutoff date is Mar 1. After this date you will be dropped from the SFCG membership. Dues are still $10 a year for individual or family. Payment can be made directly to our new treasurer Han WU0B or visiting our club business page on the website to pay via PayPal. (Note: use “Friends and Family” option when paying via PayPal.)

4. Frank KG4IGC presented the following club related facts:

a. Last year we moved our reflector from Yahoo to GroupsIO. Frank suggested we make use of more features of the reflector, such as the calendar and chat rooms.
b. Members promoted the club at a number of hamfests including Greenwood, Myrtle Beach and Charleston.
c. The club had two competitive contesting classes last year, both presented by Kevan N4XL. The Dutch Fork Amateur Radio Group and the South Carolina DX Association hosted (K9JDP) these two classes.
d. Our members participated in at least 77 contests, excluding the smaller weekly sprints.
e. Many members participated in last year’s 13 Colonies event. SFCG’s own – Tom W1TEF – became the new SC manager of the event.

5. Frank KG4IGC challenged the club with the following goals’

a. More mentorship – help others by answering questions, trouble shooting, sharing contesting experiences and inviting prospective or new hams to you shack.

b. Increase your participation - why not open your shack for a multi-op event? Anyone interested in an IARU Championship multi-op effort? We also need to get more SFCG involvement in major contests. Frank suggested we make a better effort to post upcoming contests on the reflector and Facebook. Special email announcements could be used as well.

c. Form more contest teams – if we are going to make this happen, then it is important that we do not wait until the last minute to form the team. The teams need to be formed at least two weeks prior to the upcoming event. NAQPs are excellent contests for teams! If you don’t see anyone forming a team, take charge and get the ball rolling.

6. Frank KG4IGC addressed the meeting about ham related safety concerns. The hobby has lost several hams recently due to antenna/tower accidents. We all need to review our safety check lists prior to working on electrified equipment, towers and antennas.

7. Secretary Bill N4iQ briefly reviewed last year’s meeting minutes. The minutes were approved as presented.

8. Dave WN4AFP and Frank KG4IGC discussed the SFOTA competition. Tony K4AMA will continue to support and host the SFOTA site. Thanks Tony!!!! During the last part of December 2019, the SOTA web site had a glitch causing some contests and QSOs to be lost. That problem has since been corrected. All participants are reminded that you must post your contest QSOs within 10 days of the contest closing or you will not be able to receive credit for the contest.

2018 SFOTA awards were presented as follows:

Overall Total QSOs: Most Contests Entered:

First Place N4IQ 17,473 First Place N4IQ 131

Second Place K7OM 8,195 Second Place WN4AFP 91

Third Place WN4AFP 5,945 Third Place K7OM 43

Most CW QSOs: Most Digital QSOs:

First Place N4IQ 9,832 First Place N4IQ 241

Second Place WN4AFP 4,424 Second Place NE4EA 87

Third Place NI7R 2,533 Third Place K7OM 16

Most RTTY QSOs: Most SSB QSOs:

First Place N4IQ 6,847 First Place N4XL 1,570

Second Place K7OM 5,004 Second Place WN4AFP 1,521

Third Place NJ4F 1,494 Third Place WU0B 1,441

9. In the absence of our 2018 treasurer Dave NJ4F, newly elected Treasurer Phil NI7R gave the financial report:

December 3, 2018:

First Citizens Bank $118.14

Beginning PayPal Balance $350.10

Cash on hand: $35.00

Total: $503.24

In December 2018 disbursements were made for the SFOTA 2017 / 2018 plaques and certificates plus website fees resulting in the following:

January 26, 2019

First Citizens Bank $118.14

Beginning PayPal Balance $240.25

Cash on hand: $35.00

Total: $393.39

10. Elections for the 2019 officers were conducted resulting in the following:

President Frank KG4IGC

V. President Dave WN4AFP

Treasurer Phil NI7R

Secretary Bill N4IQ

11. SFCG QSL Manager is Dave NJ4F. Dave has sent out about a dozen QSLs this year.

12. Frank KG4IGC is the SFCG Webmaster. Frank reported that the website bill of $83.88 will be due June 4th. Our Domain Name normally costs us $39.90 for two years and is good for one more year. The domain name is included with the price of the website. Frank is looking for new web site topics. Does anyone have ideas? Frank is also working with Kevan N4XL and Tom W1TEF to further develop the contesting educational resources page.

13. Frank KG4IGC is the SFCG newsletter editor. Frank thanked Kevan N4XL and Gil KS4YX for their contributions to the newsletter this past year. Frank is looking for articles, particularly information about your personal projects. All members congratulated Frank for his many hours of effort producing the newsletter. Keep up the good work, Frank!!

14. Frank KG4IGC is looking for a volunteer to present a contest related topic for next year’s January meeting. 

Topics can be contesting strategies, setup, antennas, software, etc.

15. Dave WN4AFP discussed the upcoming SC QSO Party (SCQP) to be held February 23, 2019. Dave is the SC QSO Party chairman. Approved SFCG members will be operating as SCQP bonus stations using the WW4SF call. Additionally, a special “Chairman’s Challenge” prize in the amount of $200 is a unique twist to this year’s event. Dave requested SFCG provide financial support in the coming years. Membership voted and approved $******* be yearly allocated to the SCQP for the purchase of certificates, plaques and awards.

16. Ron N4VZ gave an informative presentation entitled: “You can hear the DX, they can hear you, so why don’t they answer?” If you did not attend the meeting, you need to contact Ron for the answer!!!!

17. The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 PM.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted:

Bill Chartier N4IQ

Secretary SFCG

Swamp Fox Contest Group

Minutes of Meeting, January 28, 2018

Executive Committee Members attending: 

Frank Baranek KG4IGC                   

Dave Edmond s WN4AFP                              

Bill Chartier N4IQ            

Dave Fuseler NJ4F

Members Attending:

Ted McDonald K7OM

Robert Wilhite AJ5E 

Steve Terry W4SLT

Phil Brown NI7R

Russ Warmath W4STR

Al Miller NE4EA

Ed Overcash WB4HRL

Dean Lisenby KK4ZMK

Hans Helland WU0B 

Elaine Chartier N4iQ XYL

GIL Huggins KS4YX 


Marie McDonald

Sarah Baranek KG4NKG 

Dee Fuseler KJ4RGN

Elain Chartier 


1. The meeting was held at the Lexington Lizard’s Thicket restaurant and was called to order by President Frank KG4IGC. Frank welcomed all present, particularly new members Ed WB4HRL and Dean KK4ZMK. Frank also recognized 2017 club officers: Dave WN4AFP – Vice President, ll N4iQ – Secretary, and Dave NJ4F – Treasurer.

2. Frank KG4IGC reported that SFCG now has 27 members, however, we are seeking new members. To bring in more members, Frank suggested:

a. Get involved with our local clubs and talk up SFCG.

b. Attend hamfests where we can set up a SFCG table to distribute SFCG flyers or other information.

c. Give presentations at clubs or other ham meetings and put in “plugs” for SFCG.

3. Frank informed the meeting members that we are registered with the ARRL as a medium sized contest club. A list of approved members (all) for ARRL club contest has been sent to ARRL. We do this once a year for ARRL club competitions during the year. Since SFCG is a statewide ARRL club and only hams from our state are members, all members qualify for SGCG club competition. We have no mileage rule requirement for member participation. Frank relayed the following information from the ARRL Contest manager, Bart W9JI:

If the club member list on file is complete and correct prior to the beginning of any club competition that your members intend to participate in, no update is required.

Annually, it would be good to post one update to ensure no member changes are missed. If there are no changes, no updates are required. To update a list, you must upload a complete member eligibility list.

4. Frank reported SFCG had entered 29 club contests with at least three or more entrants. We also had several members working small contests including CWops, sprints and QSO parties.

5. Some of our club goals for 2018:

a. Mentoring - to attract new and upcoming contesters.

b. Sponsorship – sponsor plaques for various contests through the year.

c. Education – Example - Kevan N4XL intermediate contest class.

d. Higher Competition Scores – Example - operate multi-op.

e. More Major Contest Participation – particularly in ARRL and CQ competitions.

6. Secretary Bill N4iQ presented the January 2017 meeting minutes. These minutes are on the SFCG web site.

7. Bill N4iQ led a discussion about potentially moving our Yahoo SFCG reflector to This discussion was prompted by the poor service by Yahoo – missing or late posts, missing or late attachments to postings, slow postings, etc. Frank KG4IGC , one of our reflector moderators, has experienced poor or non-existent support from Yahoo. Using a computer projector, Bill walked through some of the web pages of Numerous ham clubs have already made the move to this group hosting provider. The service is free as long as SFCG just uses basic group services. A motion to move to Group.IO was made, seconded and approved by the membership present. (Post meeting note: The site is now functional with data transferred from Yahoo and members posting to The Yahoo Group site will be terminated mid-February.)

8. Bill N4iQ led a discussion about increasing our commitment for club and team competitions. This is an excellent way to get our club name in front of other contesters and contest clubs. It is a way to increase our visibility and possibly to recruit new members. One way of increasing our commitment is to announce SFCG team formation well in advance of a contest…. at least a week in advance. Some other clubs have members whose responsibility is to set up and announce team formation. SFCG should consider doing the same. Some SFCG members are also members of other clubs who operate teams. Late team announcements by SFCG risks losing some SFCG members to other club teams.

9. Dave WN4AFP discussed the SC QSO Party. For 2017, SCQP is giving mugs for the various category winners. Cost for each mug is $20. SCQP is looking for twenty five mug sponsors (donations). Those making donations will be listed on the SCQP web site as a category award sponsor Where preferred, payment can be made via Paypal or credit/debit cards. See Dave if you want to sponsor a mug. 2018 SCQP event will be held February 24.


10. Dave WN4AFP presented the 2017 Swamp Foxes on the Air – SFOTA – awards. Thanks to Tony K4AMA for designing and hosting the SOFTA site. Here are the 2017 winners:

Overall Winner with Most QSOs:

Bill N4iQ - 16,983

Most Contests:

Bill N4iQ - 123

Digital Category Qs:
First Place – Ted K7OM 4317

Second Place – Bill N4iQ 3992

Third Place –Dave NJ4F 1868

SSB Category Qs:

First Place – Steve W4SLT 1523

Second Place – Dave WN4AFP 1420

Third Place – Ted K7OM 991

CW Category Qs:

First Place – Bill N4iQ 12626

Second Place - Dave WN4AFP 3886

Third Place – Phil NI7R 2361

11. SFOTA has a new ten day rule for posting to the Leader Board. For credit, contest Qs must be posted no later than ten days after the end of a contest. Also, for 2018, we will have a new category for the most improved contester. In addition, RTTY has been split from digital as its own category.

12. Dave WN4AFP led a discussion about the club purchasing plaques for next year’s 2018 SFOTA winners. A motion was made, seconded and approved to do this. The cost of the plaques is to be determined.

13. Dave NJ4F presented the treasures report. Presently we have $391.17 in our account. See the summary below. Our dues pay for operating costs of the club – i.e. web site, QSL cards, etc. Dues are $10 per member or family and need to be paid before March 1. For those wishing to pay by Pay Pal, you can do this on the SFCG web site.

First Citizens Bank: $130.02

Deposit: $100.00

PayPal $184.83

Certificates -WN4AFP $ 23.68 (-)

January 28, 2018 Bal. $391.17

14. By unanimous vote the following members are officers for the 2018 year (same officers as 2017):

President – Frank KG4IGC

Vice President – Dave WN4AFP

Treasurer – Dave NJ4F

Secretary – Bill N4iQ

15. As web master, Frank KG4IGC has been busy. Frank is working with Kevan N4XL to develop a new resources page that will be focused on educational material to help increase our stature and attract new members. Here are some potential topics:

a. Analyzing our shacks

b. Antennas and Feedlines

c. Other potential topics:

Beginner’s Corner – Digital modes, links, logging programs, operating, propagation radios and amplifiers, RTTY, SO2R, specific contest, station accessories, tower and rotor, operating above HF.

16. Frank KG4IGC writes our newsletter and is open to help and ideas to make it better. Membership all expressed thanks to Frank for his great effort .

17. Bill N4iQ gave a Power Point presentation about his SO2R station.

18. The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 PM.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted:

Bill Chartier, N4iQ

Swamp Fox Contest Group

Minutes of Meeting, January 28, 2017

Executive Committee Members attending:

NJ4F Dave                    

K7OM Ted                                    

N4IQ Bill                      

KG4IGC Frank 

Members Attending:

W4SLT Steve                 

KG6MC Bob                     

KS4YX Gil 

N4CO Lewis

N4VZ Ron

W4STR Russ 

WB5NHL David


N4TAL Tammy


Marie McDonald 


KG4IGC Sarah

1. The annual meeting was held at the Lizard’s Thicket in Lexington and was opened at 3:00 PM by President Dave, NJ4F.

2. Election of 2017 officers resulted in:  President - W1TEF Tom , Vice President – WN4AFP Dave, Treasurer – NJ4F Dave and Secretary – N4IQ Bill

3. Annual SFCG dues should be paid by March 1.  The dues cover expenses such as website fees, QSLs and postage, and sponsorships.  Members must pay the dues to remain in SFCG.

4. New Treasurer NJ4F stated the club currently has approximately $300 in our bank account.  Dave said that there was a Tax ID issue during the past year due to the account being a commercial one.  Depending on a decision by the new president, W1TEF Tom, funds may be transferred to a private account to avoid this in the future.  Tax queries by the IRS in 2016 have been resolved.

5. Frank KG4IGC inquired as to the status of the SCQP – South Carolina QSO Party.  SCQP is part of the Carolina’s Weekend in which SCQP is held on Saturday ,February 25th, and the NCQP is held the next day, Sunday, February 26th.  Bill N4Iq responded that everything is set and ready.  All the details and new rules are on the website: .  If any of the club members want to operate as a bonus station, you need to contact WN4AFP  Dave asap.

6. Frank KG4IGC brought a “Show and Tell” – a “for real” Heath Kit digital clock which is in current production.  Contact Frank for details if you are interested in building this clock.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted:

Bill Chartier, N4iQ


Swamp Fox Contest Group

Minutes of Meeting, January 31, 2016 at Lizard’s Thicket, Lexington, SC

Executive Committee Members attending:

Dave Fuseler NJ4F                          

Ted McDonald K7OM                     

Frank Baranek KG4IGC                    

Alan Fitzsimmons W4ANT              

David Edmonds WN4AFP                

Bill Chartier N4iQ  

Members attending:                        

Kris Harrison NK4K

Tom Francis W1TEF

Kevan Nason N4XL

Robert Wilhite AJ5E

Bob Boroughs KG6MC

Tom Glaab AJ4UQ

Marc Tarplee N4UFP


Marie McDonald

Delores Fuseler KJ4RGN

Sarah Baranek KG4NKG                  

Ann Boroughs

1. The meeting was opened at 3:00 PM by President Dave Fuseler, NJ4F.

2. Election of new officers was discussed with the unanimous decision to retain the existing group of officers. The existing officers agreed to serve another term. President – Dave, NJ4F; V. President, Alan W4ANT; Treasurer – Ted K7OM; Secretary – Bill, N4iQ; PIO – Dave, WN4AFP; and Web Master - Frank, KG4IGC.

3. Dave NJ4F entertained the motion to establish annual $10 SFCG dues which will be incurred on January 1 of each year and payable until March 1. To maintain membership, dues must be paid to the treasurer by that date. Tom W1TEF made the motion which was seconded by Ted K7OM. The dues will be used to help pay for Web site fees, QSL cards, and other club costs. For convenience, Dave NJ4F, has setup a PayPal account for this purpose:

4. Based on previous Yahoo conversations, Dave NJ4F reiterated we will have one annual SFCG meeting which will take place on the last Sunday of January. Other meetings, social gathering or operating events will happen as needed.

5. Alan W4ANT presented the idea that we have a SHORT program relating to contesting at our annual meetings. All members were in agreement.

6. Alan W4ANT was recognized for his excellent presentation about Contesting. Alan has presented this at several clubs. Alan, how about making a video presentation? Alan will be showing his presentation at both the Upstate (Spartanburg) Hamfest and the Charleston Hamfest.

7. Frank, KG4IGC, was recognized for his excellent effort creating and maintaining the SFCG web site.

8. W4LVH, William Van Horn of Mt. Pleasant applied for membership. After discussion, Tom, W1TEF, moved we approve him for membership; Frank KG4IGC seconded the motion. Membership voted unanimously “yes”.

9. Dave WN4AFP and Tom W1TEF gave a detailed discussion about the upcoming South Carolina QSO Party which will be conduction Saturday, February 27, 2016 from 9 AM until 8 PM. In the past the SCQP has taken place during the summer. The main reason for the date change was to have the SCQP and NCQP occur on the same weekend; the SCQP on Saturday and the NCQP on Sunday. The SC and NC QP boards are coordinating closely to promote both QPs. This year’s SCQP will have many new features to encourage activity, including more bonus stations, the “Hunley Challenge” award, additional entry categories and a coordinated “edibles” award valued at $160 (with the assistance of NC). QP cooperation between the two Carolina groups will hopefully lead to cooperation between SC and NC in other areas and events. See for all the details.

10. SFCG apparel is being displayed on the SFCG web site. Dave NJ4F mentioned he bought a polo shirt to his liking and then had the SFCG logo embroidered on it using the JPEG logo obtained from the web site. Roger’s (K4RW) xyl has digitized our SFCG logo and can embroider your custom shirts and hats. If interested, here is the contact information: 843 801-5833

11. Dave NJ4F is still interested in the commercial radiotelegraphy license – so are some of the other members. Apparently, any VE team can administer the examination for this license. Dave and Tom W1TEF will look further into this.

12. Dave NJ4F put forth the idea of a “starter” class for contesting. Part of the mission of the group is for education, so this would be a great way of generating interest in contesting and our club. Alan W4ANT suggested the class could also include an actual, low key contest event. Membership reaction was positive. Alan W4ANT will follow up.

13. Marc N4UFP concluded the meeting with a far ranging half-hour discussion concerning ARRL related topics. The subjects are too numerous to list, but some topics concerned the ARRL contesting department staffing turn-over, the new ARRL president (Kay Craigie N3KN is retiring), use of W1AW special event call signs, allocation of VLF frequencies to amateurs (137 kHz, 472-479 kHz), and the proposed 60 M 15 kHz allocation. We appreciate the time Marc spent with us and hope he will come back.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted:

Bill Chartier, N4iQ

Swamp Fox Contest Group

August 16th, 2015

Quarterly Meeting

Executive Committee Members attending:

Dave Fuseler President – NJ4F

Alan Fitzsimmons Vice President – W4ANT

Frank Baranek Webmaster– KG4IGC

Dave Edmonds SCQP Representative - WN4AFP

Tom Francis – W1TEF/4 Acting Secretary

Members attending:

Dave Fuseler President – NJ4F

Alan Fitzsimmons Vice President – W4ANT

Ted McDonald Treasurer– K7OM

Tom Francis – W1TEF/4 Acting Secretary

Frank Baranek Webmaster– KG4IGC

Dave Edmonds SCQP Representative - WN4AFP

Andrew Chaloupka – KB9WHV

Russ Warmath – W4STR

Ron Novak – N4VZ

David Kjellquist – WB5NHL

Kevin Nason – N4XL

Gil Huggins - KS4VX


Dee Fuseler KJ4RGN

Sarah Baranek KG4NKG

Kate Novak K4VZT

Marie McDonald

Liz Francis

Tom Weir – KK4CEW

Ronnie Livingston- W4RWR Columbia ARC President

Tammy Livingston- N4TAL SC ARRL Public Relations Coordinator

Executive Committee meeting was held prior to the regular club meeting to discuss several issues. Creating a Board of Directors was discussed – decision delayed for now.

Dave, NJ4F handed out out new QSL cards.

Expenses detailed:

Starting Balance: $251.00

QSL Cards: -$96.00

Web site: -$86.00

Balance: $71.12

1. Dues and member participation was discussed. It was noted that there is a core group of members who participate in both contesting and finances. An alternative was discussed by moving those members who have not participated in contests or small financial contributions to “Associate” status. Full membership would allow for use of the club call sign in contests or special events, club awards if approved, etc. Associate Members can maintain their association with the SFCG with no voting or other privileges. Other general issues were discussed. No decisions were made that directly affected the SFCG.

Regular membership meeting:

2. President Dave Fuseler, NJ4F opened the meeting at 1500 hrs. Executive Committee discussions were presented with no action taken by general membership in attendance.

Guests attending were welcomed and recognized – Ronnie Livingston, W4RWL and Tammy Livingston, N4TAL. Ronnie and Tammy were representing the Columbia Amateur Radio Club which is a co-sponsor of the South Carolina QSO Party.

3. SCQP was once again discussed – Tom Francis, W1TEF/4 presented some SCQP enhancements like the OM/XYL for this year and Team concept for next year. Award sponsorship was discussed as there are 76 possible awards – Ronnie wanted to know where we were at with award sponsors. Tom, W1TEF/4 discussed potential awards looking forward – cannot see more than 20 plaques at most with other sponsorship for coffee mugs, etc. being determined at awards time.

Also noted was the 10 member two Team competition in the NAQP SSB contest which went very well for all participants.

4. Tom, W1TEF/4 discussed emailing award winners post SCQP and allowing them to make a choice between a wall plaque or a presentation coffee mug. Depending on which a category winner chooses will determine what a sponsor actually will need to pay for. At this time, it is unknown.

Dave, NJ4F detailed the “core” membership issue without any decisions. A general club membership decision will be made at a future time.

5. Dues were discussed with a general consensus being $10/yr sufficient to provide for club expenses. Also, if any member wishes to contribute beyond the $10/yr dues, that will be welcomed.

Official meeting ended when lunch arrived with fellowship to follow.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Francis, W1TEF/4 

Acting Secretary

Swamp Fox Contest Group

Luncheon Meeting – Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lizard’s Thicket Restaurant, Lexington, SC

Member Attendees:
Frank Baranek KG4IGC
Gil Huggins KS4YX
Bill Chartier N4iQ
Steve Terry W4SLT

Russ Warmath W4STR

Alan Fitzsimmons W4ANT

Ted McDonald K7OM

Tom Francis W1TEF

Dave Fuseler NJ4F

Ron Novak N4VZ

Ariel Jacala NY4G

Don Crain W4OC


Dee Fuseler KJ4RGN

Sarah Baranek KG4NKG

Marie McDonald

Liz Francis

1. President Dave Fuseler NJ4F opened the meeting by commenting how SFCG has grown beyond his wildest expectation with new members joining every week. Dave made three requests: (1) all members put their name and call in e-mails to the Yahoo web site, (2) for those who have not, please submit pictures of their stations for placement on the SFCG web site, and (3) please setup and use the 3830 score reporting site. Dave mentioned he was also using the site for real time scoring from N1MM+ during a contest.

2. Radiotelegraph FCC Commercial License: A number of members are interested in obtaining this license. Tom W1TEF has been obtaining information on the testing requirements and the credits (both technical and code) that individuals may be able to receive for amateur radio licenses and commercial licenses, either current and/or expired. Apparently, it will be possible to have the testing held in SC using VEs and other resources. Tom will report back at a later date with full details. Dave NJ4F has already distributed some exam study material as PDF files.

3. A lively discussion ensued concerning the SCQP. Tom presented a brief history of the event and reviewed some of the rule changes for this year’s events. The changes will be extensive and have been approved by the contest board members and the sponsoring Columbia club. In-state stations will be able to work other in-state stations for QSO points and counties for multipliers. In addition to W4CAE being a bonus station, the SFCG club call, WW4SF, will be a bonus multiplier. Dave NJ4F is putting together a team for this purpose. N1MM contest logger will incorporate the new rules – N3FJP logger is still a question.

4. Tom W1TEF presented the new plaque design for this year’s SCQP awards. The intention is to have a new and unique plaque design every year. Also coffee mugs will be given as alternate category awards. A possibility exists for 75 awards being awarded this year. Sponsor donations will be accepted later - $17 for plaques and $5 for coffee mugs. Exact numbers of each type of award is still to be determined. The role of SFCG as a sponsor will also be finalized later.

5. Alan W4ANT began a discussion about seeking out “newbie” contesters as members of SFCG - as a way of “elmering” emerging contesters. The consensus was that the club is not just for experienced contesters but anyone who has an active interest in radio sport, experienced or not. Alan is making a particular effort to reach out to these potential members and is seeking help in doing so.

6. Dave NJ4F discussed the SFCG WW4SF QSL card design, which was approved. Dave will send out an e-mail for contributions. Also Frank KG4IGC said the maximum capacity for the free SFCG web site has been reached. To increase the capacity, there is a $60-$70 yearly upgrade fee. Upgrade benefits are that the site will have its own domain name and better support. This was approved. Due to the money involved for the QSL cards, web site upgrade and other reoccurring costs, Alan W4ANT suggested SFCG open up a free checking account. Dave NJ4F said he would setup the account locally. Russ W4STR related his experience with the Clemson Photography Club concerning club money management and checking accounts. A checking account will provide a way to place funds in a safe location and a means for distribution.

7. Dues were discussed – none to be collected at this time but dues will probably be needed at a later date for reoccurring costs. This may be a topic for the next meeting.

8. Because some members cannot make Saturday meetings, the next meeting will be on a Sunday. Exact date is to be determined – late July to the end of August.

9. Ariel NY4G, Frank KG4NKG and Kevin N4XL will be participating in the 13 Colony event this year - June 30-July 5. Bill N4iQ and Ariel NY4G will be operating from VY2 Prince Edward Island during the IARU HF Championship July 11-12. Ariel will also be solo operating FP/NY4G July 15 -21.

10. Alan W4ANT said TARC will be operating a Hunley special event soon and is looking for operators for the effort.

Submitted by:

Bill Chartier N4iQ
Secretary SFCG

Swamp Fox Contest Group

Luncheon Meeting/Annual Election Results - January 31, 2015
Lizard’s Thicket Restaurant. Lexington, SC

Member Attendees:
Steve Terry W4SLT
Gil Huggins KS4YX
Alan Fitzsimmons W4ANT
Ted McDonald K7OM
Frank Baranek KG4IGC
Ron Novak N4VZ
Dave Fuseler NJ4F
Bill Chartier N4IQ

Guests / XYLs:

Sarah Baranek KG4NKG

Dee Fuseler KJ4RGN

Kate Novak K4VZT

Elaine Chartier XYL

Marie McDonald

1. President Dave Fuseler NJ4F conducted officer elections for the year 2015. Elected Officers are:

President: Dave Fuseler NJ4F

V. President: Alan Fitzsimmons W4ANT

Secretary: Bill Chartier N4IQ

Treasurer: Ted McDonald K7OM

2. Frank Baranek KG4IGC will remain as our Webmaster. The group recognized Frank for his efforts and excellent design for the SFCG website. Frank continues to update and improve the web page.

3. A discussion was held concerning the need for a Public Information Officer. The PIO will coordinate and develop materials for recruiting new members. All members concurred that Dave Edmonds WN4AFP would be an excellent choice. Since Dave could not attend the meeting, President Dave Fuseler NJ4F requested Alan Fitzsimmon W4ANT and/or Bill Chartier N4iQ contact Dave about the position. Dave has been contacted and has agreed to work in this capacity. Additionally, Alan said he is willing to visit clubs in the state to help the recruitment effort. All members are encouraged to become recruiters in finding new members who will be active contesters. Hamfests and on-the-air discussions are two excellent opportunities to do this.

4. We discussed contacting the SCM to give him an update about the group with the idea that he may be willing to promote the SFCG in his e-mailings to the state ARRL membership.

5. The group discussed the possibility of using our SFCG station call sign WW4SF during the next SC QSO Party. Dave Fuseler NJ4F volunteered to make his station available for this purpose. In my discussions with Dave Edmonds WN4AP, Dave indicated a possibility of having the club call identified as a multiplier in the QSO Party. At this point, it is only an idea and there may be other possibilities. Dave is a member of the SC QSO Party board of directors. More discussions concerning this topic will take place as the SC QSOP date approaches.

6. The attendees generally concurred that the Lizard’s Thicket restaurant is a good choice for our next meeting which will be in April or May. The restaurant is centrally located to all members in the state and most agreed that the food and service was more than satisfactory. Dave Fuseler NJ4F will set the exact date at a later time.

7. All members are encouraged to join the SFCG Yahoo groups and to check the SFCG website regularly. Since we are spread out throughout the state, this is the best way to stay in contact with each other. The web site has contact information for each member and links to sites of interest to the membership. In addition, Frank Baranek KG4IGC updates the Contest Calendar frequently. Let’s all stay in touch.

Submitted by:

Bill Chartier N4iQ