Ariel NY4G & Bill N4IQ PEI 2015 Ariel NY4G & Bill N4IQ PEI 2015 Just arrived! Bob ND7J/VY2 199061884 SO2R Station 199061887 Antenna selection panel 199061885 Learning curve Busy trying to figure out how this whole thing works. It is a lot like putting you into the Apollo Command module and try to figure out how to go to the moon. 199061877 Wall of fame 1 Quite a station - all the first place awards from all the major contests. 199061879 Wall of fame 2 Every square inch of wall space is plastered with award certificates and plaques. 199061880 Working out the bugs 199061883 Ariel NY4G Operating beachside on the northern tip of Prince Edward Island 199061876 Tent setup Statio setup on one of the bluffs near the northern tip of Prince Edward Island by the ocean. 199061878 Facing the North Atlantic at PEI 199061886 Bill N4IQ in the operators tent 199061881 VY2TT PEI DX Lodge 199061889 Band change warnings 199062109 Ready to roll! Station now running like a well oiled machine. N1MM plus configured, compression levels set, Band change warning posted. 199062110 Full tilt boogie on 20m Bob ND7J in the pilot seat - IARU HF Championship. 199070635 Full court press team effort Phil AC4Q at the helm. 199072681 Full tilt boogie on CW N4IQ pilot 199072682 Full throttle CW Captain NY4G at the helm. 199082375