Club Members & Stations Club Members & Stations NJ4F Dave Equipment: IC-7800 IC-7600 IC-910 IC-970 Alpha 9500 Alpha 2100 Palstar AT1500DT tuner SteppIR DB-18 SteppIR BigIR MKIII 160/80 dipole 160 inverted L Contest software: N1MM PstRotatorAz 188972858 KM4RK Mark In the shelves to the left, from the top; SWR meter for HF radios, on top of a B+W VS300 antenna tuner, matching a ladder-line fed 160 meter dipole. With that configuration, I can match from 160-6 meters, (80 meters is pretty sketchy on that antenna). I have a dedicated 80 meter NVIS dipole, however, and use it primarily for the SC SSB Net on 3.915 mHz. I also have a 4-band ground-mounted vertical, covering 40-10 meters. All antennas can be switched to any radio. There WAS a 10-meter Delta loop, but that came down, with the tree it was tied to, in the ice storm. Below that, a classic Radio Shack HTX-100 10 meter transceiver, sitting on top of a Yaesu FRG-100 Communications receiver. The Yaesu's main function is as an on-air monitor for digi modes. It has just a short wire for antenna, and attenuated at 18db. That radio was my SWL receiver before I was licensed. Below that is the main chassis of the Icom IC-7000. It is mostly used for digital modes, with a Rig Blaster Plug & Play interface, but easily used for SSB and FM. Soon, it will also have a Timewave PK-232 TNC, which is being upgraded. The detachable face for the 7000 can be seen in the center of the picture. The radio is powered by an Astron VS-35M power supply, with an 80 ah SLA AGM battery. It also serves as the weak-signal VHF/UHF radio, with a horizontal log-periodic 5 element beam, switchable to the verticals, which are a Cushcraft dual band beam and a copper tube J-pole which has been at the top of the mast for 14 years, still going strong. I am using a standard TV rotator for the VHF/UHF antennas. Just to the right of the shelves, is the Ten Tec Pegasus, with matching power supply and feeding a LDG AT-11 autotuner. Above the Pegasus is an external audio amp for that radio, driving a Frazier CAT-10 speaker. The radio has great quality audio, and it's used as my main SSB radio. I'm using a Beyer Dynamic M88 mic that's transformer matched in a home-brew interface. There's also an Icom IC-2710 FM dual band radio, which has it's own Motorola commercial power supply, and is in NEED of a new back-up battery. The space also serves as my office, and work-shop, so it's a very busy place. 188972857 K70M Ted Icom IC 7800 Icom 756 PRO 3 Icom 746 PRO Acom 2000A Amp with remote control head Ameritron AL 811H Amp Microham Digikeyer II digital interface DX Engineering 8 position remote antenna switch Antennas, all wire, and all on pulleys up in pine trees: 160m, 75m, 30m: Trapped inverted V, up 65 feet 80m, 40m: Trapped inverted V, up 60 feet 20m: Double bazooka up 45 feet 17m: Double bazooka up 40 feet 15m: Double bazooka up 35 feet 12m: Dipole up 25 feet 10m: Vertical 189753007 KG4IGC Frank Yaesu FT-DX3000, MD-200A8X, SP-2000, FP-1030A, DVS-6 NooElec NESDR mini SDR & DVB-T USB stick (R820T) with a Ham it up v 1.2 RF upconverter for software defined radio Yaesu FT-847, FC-20 automatic antenna tuner, SP-8 MFJ- 969 Delux Versa Tuner 2 MFJ-4726 Antenna/Transceiver Switchbox Three switchable 20 meter Extended Double Zepps 80 Meter Loop W4TWW coaxial inverted L for 160 Five band homebrew hex beam 193149563 Ron N4VZ & Kate K4VZT's Ham shack Resort Flex SDR-1000 TS-590 ICOM-7100 LDG Auto tuner, the usual assortment of baluns, wires, power supplies etc. Of course Vibroflex paddles (now if I can only remember my CW). Hexx Beam for 20, 17, 15, 12 & 10 meters at 50 feet. Full size dipole cut for 160 meters at 40 feet. MFJ rotatable dipole for 80 / 40 / 20 and Cushcraft rotatable dipole for 40 / 20 / 15 & 10. Several custom built computers running Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10 and Ubuntu Linux. These serve the ham shack as well as media servers for the home along with a few technology related uses. Mobile: Icom 7100 and HI-Q 6-80 Screwdriver mounted middle of pckup truck bed. Can also run the rotatable dipoles from trailer hitch mount up about 8 meters when parked and not in motion :) . I upload to EQSL as a courtesy for those that use this service. I also use Logbook of the World (LOTW). Please upload your logs to LOTW for me. I QSL 100% direct mail and Buro. No SASE required. For 3905 Century Club contacts I'm good in both bureaus. The shack is 12 x 20 feet and includes 2 operating positions and all equipment is easily moved and reconfigured due to the use of a french cleat system. One end of the room has a large TV and couch for my 'man cave' but this area can include even more operating positions for multi operator contesting. In September 2014 I had the chance to purchase retirement property with an eye toward a dedicated hamshack detached from the house. I found a great property with a 2000 square foot horse barn that can be converted as needed. This took me off the air for several months but when the dust cleared I had not only a decent shack but all the comforts to surround it, These 'ham shack extras' make this the Ham Resort. There is a dedicated bedroom, exercise and relaxing facilities including a bar and eating area. 199066946 KS4YX Gil Rigs: Yaesu FT-950 primary rig & FT-857 for portable work. Antennas include a Carolina Windom for 80 and a custom made fan dipole for 20, 15 and 12 meters. I don't own an amplifier, and in fact, I do a lot of contesting as a QRP entry. 194997060 W4SLT Steve 195063263 W4STR Russ My primary station consists of the the Yaesu FT-DX1200 and a 0Five ground plane antenna at about 50ft. My secondary radio equipment consists primarily of a Yaesu 857ND and same antenna was above. I do use it with a Buddiepole system for emergency and SOTA activities. I also have a Yaesu FT 817 ND also used for emergency and Sota activities as well. I will be putting up a Windom 80 in the next month or so to give me a second back up antenna. 195063264 Bill N4IQ 195315083 Bill N4IQ Station pic 1 My two main rigs are a Kenwood TS-590 driving an Tokyo High Power HL-1.5KFX solid state1 KW FET HF + 6M amplifier with an MFJ-998 1.5 KW auto tuner & a Kenwood TS-2000 driving an Ameritron ALS-600 600W FET HF amplifier with a different MFJ-998 1.5 KW autotuner. I also use the TS-2000 on SSB VHF/UHF with a TE Systems 1452G 400W 2M solid state amplifier, a 6M TE Systems 0510G 200W amplifier and a Mirage D1010 100W 432 amplifier. Antennas: VHF/UHF: Various Comet verticals for FM; 3 element Cushcraft 6M beam at 40 ft;7 element M-Square 2M beam at 44 ft. HF: I use 11 HF, remotely switched, antennas located in the forest. They are: (1) 160M 260 ft Carolina Windom; (2)160M 52 ft top loaded Tee vertical (130 ft horizontal center connected capacitive hat) with 4000 ft of radials; (3) 80M NW sloper full wave delta loop with apex at 60 ft & fed in a lower corner with 120 ft of open wire transmission line and a 4/1 balun and 50 ohm line isolator/coax into the shack; (4 & 5) two 80M Carolina Windoms oriented 40 degrees from each other which gives 360 degree coverage on 20M with 2 db gain. The Windoms also give about 5db(d) gain on 12M and 10M; (6) 40/20M Super Loop (40M operates as a delta loop - on 20M it operateds as an open 1.75 wavelength loop with about 3 db(d) gain oriented NW/SE; (7) two 30/15-12M Super Loops oriented NE/SW and NW/SE; (8) 20/10 M Super Loop (rotatable); (9) 7BTV seven band Hustler trap 1/4 wave vertical with 4000 ft of radials; and (10) R7 six band Cushcraft 1/2 wave (electrical) vertical. 195315084 Bill N4IQ Station pic 2 I have some vintage equipment, but no boat anchors. In the picture below - right - you can see my FT-101E rig and a matching remote VFO, speaker phone patch, monitor scope and FL-2100B amplifier. My "GoTo" portable rig is a Kenwood TS-50 / AT-50 HF transceiver and tuner. For QRP, I operate a vintage HW-8 2 Watt rig, A RCI 5054dx is used to monitor 6 meters and is mated with a TE systems 180 W amplifier. In addition, I recently added a Drake T4X and R4B line up courtesy of my brother AC4Q. I operate it with an Ameritron AL-800H 1.5 kW 2- 3CX800A7 tube amplifier. 195315085 N4IQ's RV trailer station This is my RV trailer station. This is a permanent installation and is also used for Field Day. The fellow in the picture below is my younger brother Jon, WN4NG, enjoying a needed rest during FD 2010. 195315168 N4IQ's RV trailer station shack My RV rig is based around a Kenwood TS-480SAT and an AL-811H 600W HF amplifier. Antennas are usually a 12 ft 600W Outback Outreach whip with an Alpha Delta tripod and/or a 40M Carolina Windom operated as an inverted vee. 195315167 N4CO Lewis 198863213 N4CO Lewis's shack Fully loaded Elecraft K3, S/N 9010, one of last K3s produced before Dayton release of K3S. Would I have waited on the K3S had I known I don't know as the K3 is very mature and most new rigs have production changes along the way. At least with Elecraft they do address issues in a timely manner and provide updates or parts at little or no cost. Amplifier is Elecraft KPA500 running 500-600 watts into Elecraft KAT500 Antenna Tuner. Makes for a nice seamless station that?s for most part plug and play. Digital interface is microHAM DIGI KEYER II, logging software is DXLABS, WRITELOG and N1MM. I have not used new version of N1MM yet, but liked WRITELOG better than prior version of N1MM. Using three 24 inch ASUS monitors seems like I need lots of screen space.  Antenna farm is limited, as I don?t have lots of space and don't want guys around the yard. However, I have a 24 foot DX ENGINEERING Vert (50 radials), homebrew OCF Dipole as well as working on installing 40-50 feet of 25g. Whatever goes on tower will be at least 5 bands, perhaps a Hex Beam, once I work out details for mounting on a Hazer. 198703723 WB5NHL Dave 198800812 WB5NHL Dave's shack Flex 6500 with an ALS-600 (used mainly for DX pileups) On left is the GoBox (HF/VHF/UHF) that runs daily Antennas; 20-10M K4KIO hex beam at 30' 80,40 & 30M OCF dipole at 50' 160M inverted L with K2AV folded counterpoise Shared Apex Loop receive antenna for 160,80, and 40M 198800813 W4LVE Loyd's shack 201231690 AJ4UQ Tom The photo is me setting up for a 20m Summer QRP Fox Hunt from near Cody, WY this summer (HB-1B radio, LNR Trail-Friendly 10/20/40 EFT antenna). By the time of the Fox Hunt the giant mosquitoes came out, and I was sealed in a windbreaker. My best successes in the hunts come when I get out of the house and city. At home I have a DX-EE multiband dipole in the attic, plus 2m and 432 KH6TY-designed antennas. Out of the house I have a few EFHWs for QRP, and a Yaesu ATAS-120 that works pretty well on chain link fences. HF/weak signal radios include FT-897D, KX3 with amp, HB-1B, and a Rockmite 20 (picked up by all the spotters, but never a QSO). 200672892